About us

WEBEKA ENGINEERING is an mechanical engineering office.

We are specializing in the construction of tools in the field of sheet metal forming of car body parts, but we also work as an OEM provider for the automotive industry.

Knowledge and experience

We offer solutions for all types of tools construction for inner and outer parts of car body made of steel and aluminium sheet metals.

Quality and meeting deadlines

Good organization, work control and team work are a guarantee of the quality we provide our clients with.

Competitiveness and capacity flexibility

Working with our team provides you with greater competitiveness on the market and the great degree of flexibility for project capacities.


We offer our clients complete confidentiality and information security. Maintaining a strong relationship with our clients, and building a long-term partnership, based on trust and reliability is of great importance to our company.
Our employees are very skilled, and have many years of experience in working on a wide-range construction projects, implementing contemporary software packages, such as CATIA, as well as working on most complex projects including the outer car body parts, such as the side panel, doors, engine hood, fenders, sheet metal chassis inner structural parts of great thickness and mechanical resistance. We also have experience with FEM (Finite Element Method) analyses. Our team consists of highly motivated employees, who have a lot of experience of working in a multicultural environment, which greatly improves the cooperation with our clients.


Start your career in the creative and professional environment of our team by applying the highest standards and technology in the industry every day.

If you:
✔ Are motivated
✔ Are willing to learn and develop new skills
✔ Want to enhance your professional development
✔ Are ready to use your creative potential
Contact us at posao@webeka.hr

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